Christmas 2015 Musical Screensaver

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Learn to read music
the fun way with Santa Claus !

Learning to read music notes the fun way with Santa Claus, it's working !

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Learn to read music easily with COLOR MUSIC NOTES

2a - 2 music notes with C - DO Color
Learn to read music online with color notes : it's free !

A free musical and customizable screensaver

Christmas 2015 Screensaver

Some great original Christmas pictures with Christmas music (you can also use or add your own musics).

You can set the order and time for pictures, select the effects you like and set their speed, set any image as wallpaper with the F2 key.

  • great original Christmas pictures
  • 4 Christmas music included + you can use your own musics
  • set image duration
  • set image order (sequential, random, shuffle)
  • start image painting on desktop
  • add effects (more than 100) and set the speed
  • set any picture as wallpaper with the F2 key
  • dual monitor support
  • set exit conditions (mouse move, mouse click, any key, Escap key
  • set music playlist order or randomize it or play only one music
  • full install and uninstall support

Download Christmas 2015 Screensaver

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