The music staff - Music notes on the stave

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The music staff and the musical notation

To write music, musical notes and other musical signs are placed on the staff, made by five parallel horizontal lines. The space between each line is called space. Lines and spaces are always counted from the bottom up :

The 5 lines and 4 spaces on the music staff

Musical notes are placed on lines or spaces of the staff :

Place of the music notes on the musical staff

To determine the names of the music notes on a staff, one of the three musical clefs is placed on the beginning of each music staff. The G clef (Treble clef) is placed on the second line, the F clef (Bass clef) on the fourth line (Bass clef), the C clef on the first, second, third or fourth line.

Staff and Treble Clef HN for kids... and adults too !

Kids and adults should learn about the music notes, the G (treble) clef and the staff with the free mini interactive tutorial Staff and Treble Clef HN.

Staff and Treble Clef HN - Music notes on the lines

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