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Music Games - Help Breakout Note Cracker HN screensaver

Sheet Music Treble Clef and Bass Clef HN

Learn toread music notes in
Treble Clef and Bass Clef the fun way !

sheet music treble clef play

sheet music treble clef select


Ear training Play It By Ear HN

Say good bye to boring old musical
dictation:ear training has just become fun!

How to exit the screensaver?

The Breakout Note Cracker HN Screensaver is aninteractive screensaver : to exit,RIGHT-CLICK anywhere on the screensaver to display the context menu, and selectExit (you can also display the context menu by pressing the space bar).

NEW VERSION OCTOBER 19, 2011 : You can now exit the screensaver with the Esc key.


How to customize your screensaver?

    RIGHT-CLICK to display the Screensaver context menu and select a setting:

    • Four different speeds are available:Slow,Moderate, Fast,Very Fast. The background music changes with the speed.

      NOTE. To turn on/off the background music and other sound effects, right-click anywhere on your desktop, select "Properties," open the "Screensaver" tab, then click on "Settings").

    • Background allows you to choose among different pre-selected backgrounds, to import a background of your choice or to download free images on Happy Note! website.


How to have fun with your screensaver?

Whenever the ball bounces off the edge of the screen, 2 elephants switch places. Whenever the ball bounces off an elephant, the elephant turns around.

LEFT-CLICKING on an elephant makes it turn around. If, after you clicked on an elephant, all four elephants happen to be moving in the same direction, they stop and become targets for the ball to bounce off.

Happy Note! Technical Support

If you encounter a problem running this program, please contact Technical Support at: